Check the “cheat sheet” here: How Twitter Was Born.

Here's the EtherPad Session for notes:

Notes from the EtherPad session:

Craig's notes (@toonlet)

First message from @dom (message #38 on Twitter) was “oh this is gonna be addictive”

Twitter started with NO follow command, you just saw everybody!

It was almost five second audio posts instead!

Up until privacy conversations started, everybody followed everybody more or less, it was about 100 people.

Dom got laid off, but refused to let go of the project.

When it went live, no API or RSS or search.

Not iPhone tweeting, non-smart phones with T9 input. (youch!)

Now it's Fall 06. API launched!

Now it's like March 2007. South. Southwest. Hoo boy.

!! Dom just said “exponentiates” which is a damned fine word.

Summer 2007: eMpTyVee Moonman hops on the Twitter.

Just after that some news folks started paying attention.

People started using @replies but then it didn't actually do anything. Engineers finally started linking that @reply to the page for the Twitter user.

Twitter is interesting in that users were hacking/modifying the system and using it differently totally independently of the engineers building features into Twitter.

Twitter wasn't designed to be a conversation engine.

Now companies are starting to search themselves and find that people are having conversations WITHOUT THEM about their service.

James Buck story (blogger in Egypt; twittered ARRESTED and that helped get him out)

FailWhale born like April 2008.

Scala was chosen as a way to scale quickly going forward.

August 2008 only failwhale'd for an hour. YAY! was revolutionary at the time, you could see who was saying what about who and that joined up with to do debates and such.

Now here come celebrities. Britney Spears, (no, Britney's PR people)

More celebrities show up: Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Jimmy Fallon…

Daily Show made fun of it. That's a good sign!

Here comes Shaq, “I'm-a kiss you!”

In fact, one time Shaq tweeted “I got two tickets to tonight's game, come touch me and get tickets.” Yeah, that was HERE!

Now here comes Oprah. Increase in accounts was like a million people THE WEEKEND after she had @ev on.

When Shaq showed up, he wasn't most popular. Who was? @BarackObama.

Before he made his acceptance speech, the tweet went out, “We made this happen, WE made history together.”

(That's all I have right now, it's lunch time and we're talking about Odeo instead.)

NINETY percent of traffic on Twitter is via API. NINETY! So lots of engineering goes toward keeping that solid.

Actually going through an independent security audit right now, so tyring to keep things pretty solid and simple until that's done, then working out feature sets.

Right now the overwhelming request is groups.

@StevenWalling asks an interesting question about…is Twitter looking at that? Are they talking to them about using that architecture or working with them somehow?

Dom says they are listening and talking to everyone.

And I'm really hungry so I'm ending here and getting some food.

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