Wagn - http://wagn.org/

@JohnAbbe (presenter) does design/testing/etc., coding and many other tasks by Ethan McCutchen @apegrits and Lewis Hoffman @leword

Maintain the wiki spirit while adding structure.

Everything is built out of cards. Editing card name updates links across whole site. (even configuration, eg, site CSS can be edited in *css card, sidebar in *sidebar card)

Auto-complete feature for some fields. Can pull from entire list of cards or specified sub-set

Wagn Query Language - WQL - complex queries that returns lists of cards

Forms can be applied in two ways - based on card type, based on rightmost part of card name (a lot of Wagn's power is in card names, which can plus together other card names).

Cards store revision history.

Some of the new features/improvements since last year:

  • performance
  • account creation, default cardset/permissions
  • Now works well with IE and Safari
  • HTML cards (anything you can do with HTML, incl YouTube videos, Flickr, Twitter feeds)

Client using Wagn to organize psychological research projects through stages from Idea to published article or presented talk/poster.

Open source, Ruby on Rails. A whole app, not an engine.

Actively seeking hosting/consulting clients!

Editorial note: I apologize these notes are pretty bad, please feel free to edit/correct/improve. :) @JoannaK

No prob - thx for taking them! @johnabbe

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