@teknotus led us through his conception of an education potluck. with input from the 6 attendees of the group, we hashed out the structure of a recurring event with varying teachers on varying topics, with a focus on a wide variety of topics, nontech and tech alike. suggestions eventually reached a majority consensus that a quasi-mini-barcamp format could work really well–a few disparate topics being taught in parallel to smaller groups, but perhaps more interactive than a typical class with banter and with teaching-by-doing and class participation.

bart massey encouraged us to embrace the food-potluck model and @fool seconded based on the increased camaraderie brought from eating/socializing before classes, as well as an opportunity for everyone to participate even if not as teachers. hopefully, everyone who attends will eventually be a teacher!

bart brought up location being a challenge. this was answered by suggesting varying locations based on activities in class–in case of class on camping topics, maybe we meet at a campground, maybe in a park in the summertime, or PSU classrooms if there are tech topics, etc.

frequency? we'd love to do it weekly, but we'll see how things go at the first one (25 jun) in deciding how often to do 'em.

web infrastructure - @fool promised he'd set up a wiki and mailing list using daniel's domains within the next week.

official website (http://educationpotluck.org)

–notes by @fool

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