Feed the startups: Getting capital for Portland companies

The big VC cities:

  • San Francisco/Silicon Valley
  • Boston
  • Denver

The problems in Portland:

  • Not many success stories
  • Few VC-funded businesses, few VCs
  • Culture of free
  • Side businesses

What we need is $250k in funding, not $2-5 million.

Angel rounds:

  • Getting smaller (dollar-wise) in Portland
  • Less convertible debt, more traditional (valuation-based) investments
  • Angel timeline: 60 days - 6 months, lots of due diligence

State Investments:

  • Oregon Investment Fund
  • Oregon Growth Account

Human capital in Portland:

  • Young, over-educated, unemployed

Ways of getting investment:

  • Convertible notes
  • Traditional
  • Royalty note

Things you can do (especially side project to startup):

  • Get business help! Portland Ten, OTBC's TechVenture, find out whether your idea is viable
  • Go pitch your side project, or listen to others pitch
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