You've gotten real and you're bootstrapping your web application. But wait, you just had a better idea. Ugh… do you turn the original application off or leave it running?

You've achieved lift and you're generating some r$v$nue. You're ready to add another application to the portfolio. Um… isn't that going to mean adding administrative resources to manage backups for the new database?

There's lots of labor overhead involved in setting up, operating and maintaining a web application. The textbook approach to web application architecture results in O(N) overhead (N is the number of applications). Can we do better?

How Many Do You Operate

Let's capture some statistics from the group:

(# applications, # domains)

What's Your Setup Process

What tasks are involved in setting up a new production web application?

What's Your Maintenance Process

What ongoing tasks are involved in operating and maintaining your production web application?

One Big Rails Application

Consider One Big Rails Application O.B.R.A. When is it applicable? When is it bad?


A port of Merb Routing to Rails 2.3.2 makes multi-domain applications easier:

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