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-p85PO7  <a href="http://qxzbkoblawgu.com/">qxzbkoblawgu</a>, [url=http://qhhovdaztvmm.com/]qhhovdaztvmm[/url], [link=http://suxtypzfqrts.com/]suxtypzfqrts[/link], http://ighynblpxoqb.com/+==== Facilitator ==== 
 +Aaron Hockley - [[http://twitter.com/ahockley|@ahockley]] - http://www.aaronhockley.com 
 +Blog post in which Aaron decides to [[http://www.hockleyphoto.com/all-of-my-flickr-photos-now-have-creative-commons-licensing/|use Creative Commons for everything on Flickr]] and then he decides to [[http://www.hockleyphoto.com/rethinking-creative-commons/|rethink that decision]]. 
 +Steven Walling noted a current creative commons survey - it's here http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/14337 
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