why was daniel in ann arbor? what changed his mind? why did he leave the island?

why was he broken? (season 3 connection)

good writing on show ——> “the constant” (penny as desmond's constant, desmond as daniel's constant, to keep them alive/sane) “the variables” (daniel discovers things can be changed because humans are huge variables with choices); using words for both their absolute mathematical meaning and their emotional/humanistic meaning.

What makes Daniel think he can change things? Daniel has a chance: The Doctor is just over there.

Does anyone else think it was SO convenient how they killed Ben?

Desmond remembers Daniel but only in his timeline which is out of order.

Juliet: Ben is REALLY hung up on me, wtf? Of course he is you look just like her.

What lies in the shadow of the statue? Why don't we know? Is it lying like not telling the truth?

what is the group “with the guns” that bram is part of and that briefly kidnap miles in u.s. and whack lapidus upside the head on the island? why do they keep asking the question? are they with hanso, widmore or a third rouge group?

what is the statue? - anubis or apep or thawet, perhaps.

what happens to pierre's arm (seen as later amputated/false arm)? will ethan & ben get hostage swapped?

Kelly's EW Norse Mythology link:,,1550612_20250233_20272495_6,00.html

Maybe part of what Daniel is trying to do outing Miles is save him by getting Pierre to send them away.

What's the deal with flashlights and Jacob?

It was made VERY obvious that the dead people WERE IN FACT DEAD or whatever and that's been very clear.

When Naomi dies Miles refers to her body as “a pile of meat”,

Who's Adam and Eve? Bernard and Rose? Rewatch the ep with Jack and Kate finding them and see wht the conversation is.

good writing on the show - taking an ongoing theme or expectation and turning it on its ear. examples: the show, “dead is dead” (which is something creators lindelof/cruise have said in interviews & at conventions, “dead on the island is dead”), shows how ben killed john locke, but then at end of episode locke is alive on hydra island in the present. in “the variables” farraday's experience at ann arbor (think we'll get that back story later) changes his mind about past timelines - tho' the past is a huge fixed constant, changes can be made in the past because humans involved, especially those out of place in the timeline, are huge variables with choices. yet at the end of the episode, he is killed as was predetermined by the timeline — so is his theory still true or not? also good is the writer's use of layered meanings in themes — “constants” and “variables” for both their absolute meaning in physics and math, and their emotional meaning in human connection (penny is desmond's “constant” that keeps him sane, desmond becomes that for farraday, humans are unexpected “variables” with choices, etc.).

Jillian read: the Wheel gives you an out from the island. It's for protection to send people away (to tunisia). Norse/Egyptians presume the 'afterlife' is actually a real place and you just aren't allowed in until you die.

If you want to change the world, you have to have hold of the island.

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