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-cIap0W  <a href="http://hydpjoteclmc.com/">hydpjoteclmc</a>, [url=http://ziiujtmkzzea.com/]ziiujtmkzzea[/url], [link=http://blaihirrsylf.com/]blaihirrsylf[/link], http://jriwksvrzsgf.com/+====== Awkwardness ftw ====== 
 +Awkwardness happens when we expose something about ourselves in an unexpected or undesired context, or experience similar exposure of another person we know. (Example: finding that a cousin I don't talk to very often has set her Facebook relationship status to "It's complicated" when I thought she was still married.
 +How can we avoid this by building smarter privacy and sharing tools? 
 +Is awkwardness always undesirable?
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