Fix A Flat

Quit relying on Tri-Met to get you home when you get a flat! It's easy to fix them yourself.

  • toolkit
    • wrench to get your wheel off if you don't have a QR axle (quick release)
    • spare tube(s)
    • patch kit (replace glue yearly, it dries up)
    • pump that will mate with your valve style (Presta or Schraeder)
    • couple of bucks to use as a tire boot, JIC
  • remove wheel
    • wheel anatomy!
      • axle
      • hub
      • spokes: keep wheel round, in one plane, and centered around the hub
      • rim: has a lip to hold the tire bead in place
  • remove tire
    • start at valve side
  • tube: replace or patch?
  • inspect tire
    • don't use your unprotected fingers! You'll cut yourself on the glass/thorn/fishhook that may still be in your tire.
    • boot tire if it's torn
  • inspect wheel
    • rim tape, spokes
  • insert your new or patched tube
  • reseat tire - don't get tube stuck between tire & bead. (Characteristic puncture: looks like a snakebite.)
  • reinflate tube
  • reinstall wheel


Pro tip: Practice at home periodically* if you don't get to do this in the field.

* requires beer

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