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-49RQFD  <a href=";http://uinwgmksgupy.com/">uinwgmksgupy</a>, [url=http://notqqzhjyyjp.com/]notqqzhjyyjp[/url], [link=http://ufaminjeqmtl.com/]ufaminjeqmtl[/link], http://tkqkhnuzkenu.com/+====== Fun in PDX (and I don't mean tech) ====== 
 +@msamye + @stephelhajj (notes by @bryanstearns) 
 +(Here are a bunch of notes I took; some should be links, some are just suggestions. Feel free to correct them, add actual links, or add more!) 
 +  * use #pdxfun as hashtag 
 +  * upcoming.yahoo.com, but not everything's there 
 +  * #pdxpipeline (has facebook group, lists events / ticket giveaways on thursdays) 
 +  * http://ourpdx.net/ 
 +  * http://community.portlandneighborhood.com / @thebuzzbybrian 
 +  * pdxculture list 
 +  * portland.brightneighbor.com 
 +  * read window postings, get off the bus a stop early and read as you walk 
 +  * college events: events.reed.edu (+ L&C, PSU w/ cultural center) 
 +  * meetinportland.com: flash mobs + random meetups 
 +  * powells.com: readings 
 +  * drunkenrampage.com & cacophanysociety, santacon, nwtiki.com, underdogportland (cinco de mayo) 
 +  * aroundthesunblog.com 
 +  * shifttobikes.org/cal -- bike events like the bridge ride, the naked bike ride, pedalpalooza, midnight mystery ride, zoobombers (do other events too); pumpclub.org, bta4bikes.org 
 +  * oaks park skate rink 
 +  * many beer festivals 
 +  * culinate (food blog), portland pie-off, food cart sampling, sauvie island picking, farmers markets, saturday market (under burnside), portland nursery apple tasting (fall), bite of oregon, taste of the nation (fundraiser), Jake's crab fest, 
 +  * kinetic sculpture race, adult soapbox derby (tabor) 
 +  * polishfest, greekfest, ... lots in pioneer square, too 
 +  * music: waterfront blues fest (july), oregon zoo concerts, rose garden concerns, (you guys totally forgot PDX Pop Now!! - Camo) 
 +  * theater: shakespeare in the parks, oregon shakespeare festival (steep discounts this season!), anonymous theater 
 +  * baseball: keiser volcanos, minor league allstar 
 +  * art: community murals, free museum days 
 +  * dance: the lindy hop society: swingout.net, pdx django (gypsy jazz), portlandtango.com, pdxdjazz yahoo group 
 +  * where to take tourists: heathman brunch, washington park, rose garden, chinese walled garden, various falls parks, the fruit loop, oregon coast/yachats, wine country 
 +  * note: there is nothing fun in Vancouver 
 +  * I don't ever want to hear you say there's nothing to do, because clearly, there is. (or @msayme will hold you down and @stephelhaj will punch you in the face). 
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