Developing Non-Flash Web-based Games

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We will be planning a hack session to further our decided goal to create some sort of OSS game that utilizes HTML 5 new goodies - like the canvas tag! Jump onto the google group for more info.

Where are the iPhone Games?

Instant feedback, instant gratification. Games #1 app on iphone.

What are some tools that are out there?

  • HTML 5 canvas tag
  • Flash
  • Silverlight (laughs all around)
  • google o3d
  • khronos group is working on 3d web-standards
  • Unity plugin (proprietary)

Is there an open-source platform for developing web-games? basically, no.

Current non-platform non-flash Web-games

  • forumwarz - trolling game, working within the medium (web)
  • travian - turn-based
  • pbbg - persistent browser-based games
  • - web-based dungeon-master tools
  • - js renderings of classic board games
  • - the classic 1980s atari games in a browser! - Asteroids®, Battlezone®, Centipede®, Lunar Lander®, Millipede®, Missile Command®, Tempest™, etc. (believe its a server side java program doing emulation of old atari box)

Why is Flash a problem?

Will not be available on all platforms, and availability never controllable. Flash not on iphone is not flash's fault, it is apple's fault. Flash is proprietary. Hard to make rich games because their metaphor is wrong (movie metaphor). Could this be why we don't see better games with Flash: its too hard to develop?

The Power of Canvas & Javascript

Works on all browser except IE now. Can't really use canvas on iphone - processor heavy, no keyboard, no arrow keys. No good sense for directionals. Standard graphics apis supported, like bezier. No compiling; just hit refresh. This creates a fast turnaround time developing js games. Agile game development. It leaves it to the browser to make it fast - not a plugin or a js library. The more layers on top of the browser will it down. Flash runs out-of-browser. JS have number-crunching blows. The Canvas tag ahs the more direct contact. The canvas api similar to os10 graphics apis, but easier to code. The future is stuff like canvas, not js language plugins. The DOM is inherently rectangles not true polygons. Canvas can do branch, tree structures and anti-aliasing.

Canvas Demos

  • demos on mozilla's site
  • processing.js

No good touch api for js

could write your ide in the same page as your game

westnoth: hex board turn-based open-source westnoth: could be browser-based

jquery plugin

java - turnaround hurts, slow python: has python backend

casual gaming: ie users who want to play peggle (and variations)

flash on iphone in 5yrs? YES! NO!

flash has ide web has no ide really bespin, but not graphic/wysiwig/dedicated like flash ide

canvas is 2d drawing api o3d or vrml for 3d everything will be plugin-based no, canvas is web standard, in-browser

what can we do now? js/canvas libraries? do we need libraries? so much game stuff is domain specific

port chipmunk to js? 2d physics engine

mobile gaming gps games location api for js?

starcraft, civ, super mario example: write a mario-ish game in js, donkey kong, frogger proof of concept

“kingdom of loathing is crack” pmog browsing-as-game “magic” card based game via browsing ubisoft: myst online, but is a plugin 80/90s retro gaming multi-player pac man comet for push long-polling response no udp, == packet delay can pre-stack moves in pac-man-like games <insert pac-man physics discussion>

risk, diplomacy, scorched earth, nuclear war (card game)

wolfenstein in js/canvas

lets meet for code-sprint!

sprite library for canvas

WhereCampPDX 2008 pacman game: - Ben Foote @pdxstump

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