Portland Liquor Store Database

What we need
  • Locations
  • Phone numbers
  • Hours of operation
  • Open on sunday?
  • Selection quality
  • Local products (special section for it or mixed in with everything else?)
  • Web sites
  • Google maps
  • Counter service or self-serve?
  • Quality of mixer selection (mixers, bitters, garnishes, barware, etc)
  • Monthly sale info from OLCC
  • Locations of specialty/limited availability/small batch spirits
  • Certain things like vermouth/Lillet available at grocery/wine stores - where?
  • Can we get copies of order sheets from any liquor stores? Would this really be useful in practical terms (due to length of delivery times, things selling out, etc)
  • Availability of other things – cigars, etc.
Other resources

Betsy (session organizer)

Kenn (note taker)


[your name here]

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