Food! Homebrew! Two great tastes that go together, or something.

Cheap Brandy - One hotplate from a science surplus. Check temp for 165ºF, put wine w/ cork and pipe into another bottle, and heat until water evaporates.


  • Water, flour, sugar, let it grow. Keep covered. You can use different types of flour too!

Protip - don't brew with arsenic or cyanide!

more companies are making homebrew starter kits (FH Steinbart)

Ales are fermented warmer, lagers are colder. Air locks used to prevent wild yeast from entering the fermenting beer.

Brewing all grain is more involved instead of using malt extract kits.

Ale doesn't have to be hop based. King Henry VIII outlawed the use of hops to protect the income generated from using spices and other herbs (The Homebrewer's Garden).

Pureed pumpkin for brownies!

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