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 +Barmaid Blues
 +Uriah Maynard, James Miller, Bart Massey  May 2009
 +[G9] Life's been hard to me [C6] lately.
 +[G9] Feelin' lost and all con[C6]fused.
 +As I [Fm] shambled down the [Em] street today.
 +Freakin at the [Am] dudes. [Am/G] [Cm7] [D7]
 +They were doin' some damn Bar Camp.
 +But I couldn't find a barmaid there.
 +Seemed to be some kind of geekfest.
 +What the hell?
 +[GM7] I'm walking up and down the [CM7] halls.
 +[GM7] Everybody talking 'bout a [CM7] lovefest---Bar Camp.
 +But I had to [Am] go [Am/G] [Cm7] [D7]
 +Sometimes freakshows are a wonder.
 +Sometimes they're just freaks.
 +Bless you Bar Camp kids, but
 +Put me back on the street!
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